Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

A good friend of ours recently told us about Joris Laarman's new Bone Chair and we couldn't think of a more appropriate product to feature on this, one of our favorite holidays, HALLOWEEN!!! Created in a limited edition of 12 and exhibited by New York gallery Friedman Benda, this skeletal armchair is molded from a mixture of marble and porcelain mixed with resin. Developed initially on a computer, Laarman relied on software created by car manufacturer GM to create this delicately sculptural object and we think it is frightfully beautiful. In fact, this is one supernatural trick we wouldn't mind being treated to. Hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween! (Click here for a few more "tricks" and some truly terrifying "obscene interiors".)

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Designer Wisdom.

"To create, one must first question everything." -Eileen Gray

Mirror available through Ecart International. To learn more about Ms. Gray click here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Shining.

Last week we went to see a preview of Chris Lehrecke's new lighting series at the Ralph Pucci Showroom, and the reviews are glowing. We've always been big fans of Lehreke's organic inspired furnishings and this innovative collection is no exception. By combining wood and metal with clean lines and gentle curves, Lehrecke's created an assortment of handcrafted luminaries that make a rather strong statement but in the most graceful manner. The shapes and forms used recall a more mid-century era, yet the overall results tell a more modern story that is certain to cast an enduring shadow. Lehrecke says "Although many of my influences were from the past, I was discovering materials and techniques that were unique to my time. The designs were simple and the materials and fabrication needed to be pushed as far as possible. In working this way I have tried to create designs that feel contemporary without feeling exclusive to the last twenty years.” We say mission accomplished.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Book, Keeper!

We just returned from Todd Merrill's launch party to celebrate his newest book Modern Americana: Studio Furniture From High Craft to High Glam, and let us just say it is flawless. This invaluable tome focuses mainly on designs that were custom made and produced in limited quantities, specifically by American studios from the 40's to the 90's and showcases the spectacular craftsmanship that existed throughout that period. Included are works from George Nakashima, Vladimir Kagan, Paul Evans, Samuel Marx, Billy Haines, Wendell Castle, James Mont, Paul Lazlo, Karl Springer and many others. We've always been drawn to handcrafted, organic inspired furnishings, especially from that era, so for us this publication is a must have resource. Equally inspiring was seeing several of the pieces profiled throughout the book at Merrill's Antique store where tonight's party was held (including the above rocker by Jack Rogers Hopkins and the Paul Evans console). We highly recommend stopping by to view this impressive collection, but if you can't make it, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Modern Americana (here) today. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Matter Of Trust.

Ilse Crawford is considered to be one of London's most stylish design pioneers. We actually took note of her amazing talent years ago when she managed to freshen up Britain's stodgy decorating scene as founding editor of Elle Decor UK. She's since re-invented herself a number of times with successful stints as vice president of Donna Karan's Home division, department head of the Eindhoven Design Academy in Holland, creator of Bare magazine (a short lived but highly acclaimed lifestyle publication) and finally founder of StudioIlse her own consulting and design studio where she continues to spread her modish influence across the globe including New York's Soho House. One of our favorite projects was what she did for the Club Room at London's Wellcome Trust (first 2 photos above). The Trust wanted the room to reflect the eclectic, inventive spirit of Henry Wellcome, a huge collector and founder of this medical research charity, and asked that it be a fusion of art and science. We love how she combined the De Sede serpentine shaped sofa with a Prouve cocktail table, and then brought in slightly medicinal touches such as the lighting and wall color. In the end, we trust the Trust was pleased. We've also included a few other photos of her work we find inspiring. (Check out what else she's been up to here.)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The New Log Cabin.

We think this is a brilliant concept in simplified living. Architect Sou Fujimoto built this Jenga-like bungalow completely out of lumber logs. He says there are no separations of floor, wall, and ceiling here. An area that you thought was a floor becomes a chair, a ceiling, or a wall from various positions. It's a fully furnished home, without furniture-Amazing! (Just be careful when using the fireplace...) To learn more about it click here.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fox News.

We've always been inspired by the firm StoneFox Design and their sly maneuvering between modern and organic styles. Founded by Chris Stone and David Fox, this small architecture and interior design practice has offices here in New York as well as in Aspen, Colorado. They often use natural materials and elements within the architectural framework of a project and combine these with contemporary and mid-century furnishings to create spaces with an earthy but elegant appeal. According to their bio, their work is informed by ongoing dialogue and collaborations with artists, curators, museum owners, landscape architects, and clients which often include collectors of contemporary and modern art. We just have one question...Where do we sign up for the next StoneFox hunt?


We apologize in advanced, but we love a theme.
With that in mind, it only seemed appropriate to
talk about two other things we're very excited about right now. The
first is a band called Fleet Foxes who have created cunning
harmonies on their new self-titled CD. Think Beach Boys meets
Crosby Stills and Nash-Dreamy!
(click on above arrow for a few songs).
The second is a young girl named Melissa Dixson
who has opened a new Taxidermy Studio over in
Brooklyn and is also being represented here in
Manhattan by Moss (this is one of her mounts in the
above photo). Click here to see her beautiful new
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Songs In The Key Of Q.

Anthony Cochran, co-founder and creative director of the environmentally friendly Q Collection, is one of our oldest and dearest friends here in New York. He's not only a talented and established interior designer, furniture designer and entrepreneur, he's also an incredibly gifted singer. We just got back from his sold-out performance at the legendary Metropolitan Room, and once again he floored us with his pitch perfect vocals and his thoughtful and well-suited set list. We've been to almost every show starting with his first a few years back and Anthony continues to impress us by the way he commands the stage with the ease of a seasoned pro. Here's one talented designer who might just be able to quit his day job.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall, In Love.

As we've mentioned before, crisp fall days and the deep rich colors often associated with them make this one of our favorite times of the year. Of all the seasons, we find Autumn to be not only a tremendous source of inspiration but a nice time to reflect on where you've been and think about where you'd like to go. With that in mind, we thought about a particular designer who we've always admired and looked up to, and a project of his that we think is a quintessential expression of the fall season. Paul Fortune is an LA based designer (Marc Jacobs is a client) and these images are of his own home which he claims has been an ongoing experiment for over 25 years. We appreciate the low-key design and as he describes it "...the feeling of timeless elegance. No individual element here is too outspoken or overwhelming, but part of a harmonious environment of muted furnishings, colors, and textures." A concept we can fully appreciate here at Design Therapy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

People Who Live In Glass Houses...

Where do the great ones go that were already living in Heaven on Earth? That's what I kept asking myself today while touring Philip Johnson's Glass House and it's breath-taking landscapes. The design of the main house is beyond spectacular and has been studied, documented and celebrated since it was originally built in, believe it or not, 1949. However, until you actually visit the property and are able to fully take in the lush vistas along with the other individual structures, you have no way of grasping the magnitude of this architectural masterpiece. A study, guest house, painting gallery and sculpture gallery along with a visitor's center are thoughtfully, and purposefully placed around the property and are no doubt considered modern marvels of architecture on their own. This is my second tour of the Glass House; I was fortunate enough to visit last spring during previews. Yet I really wanted to see it again in the fall, my favorite season. Being able to view the property in two different contexts makes me appreciate even more Mr. Johnson's famous quote regarding the Glass House - "I have very expensive wallpaper."
(check this out)

Top 10 Wallpapers.

Speaking of wallpaper, we spent the weekend doing research for an upcoming project and found some incredible papers out there, so it seemed only fitting to make this the focus of our 2nd Top 10 List. While we couldn't narrow down our 10 favorite patterns, we could certainly narrow down our 10 favorite companies. So in no particular they are. (tip-click on the + to move faster through the slide show).

1. Flavor Paper
2. Wall Collection
3. Nama Rococo
4. Cole and Son
5. Graham & Brown
6. Wook Kim
7. Extratapete
8. Timorous Beasties
9. Studio Printworks
10. Rollout

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We're Fans...

In fact, we're BIG fans of this firm's novel design approach. P & T Interiors was founded in 2002 by Pol G. Theis and their work is imaginative, slightly unconventional and just a bit irreverent. We find their designs quite intriguing and look forward to seeing more from this small boutique office. And Pol, if you're listening-we'd love to collaborate with you on something (call us...)

Friday, October 17, 2008


Starting Oct. 26th and running through Jan. 6th, the Guggenheim museum will be presenting a show entitled "theanyspacewhatever." As part of the exhibit, Brussels-born artist Carsten Holler has created a stand alone hotel room in the middle of the museum and get can actually book a reservation to SPEND THE NIGHT in this Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece! Amenities include a robe, slippers, access to a bathroom/shower, a continental breakfast and security (for the museum's sake we feel certain). Phone lines opened up 2 days ago and we immediately called to make our reservation. We were instructed to leave a message with one date and one alternative date for our preferred stay over and someone would call us within 48 hours. Today our phone rings and GUESS WHAT!!! It was the Guggenheim and there was a LIVE person on the other end saying they had gotten our message. Instant optimism set in and we began packing mentally. "Mr. Ford" yes. "You called about a reservation" Yes! "For Nov. 4th?" YES!!!...."well...unfortunately we're fully booked at the moment but we'd be happy to put you on our waiting list blah blah blah" Damnit! Guess we'll have to use our Skymiles over at The Met...

Sofield So Right.

This afternoon I was asked by a former professor at F.I.T. to serve as a guest critic for his students' fall presentation. They each did a fantastic job and I had forgotten the amount of work required for those projects (as well as the nerves that are attached). While there, I had the pleasure of meeting another critic who works for Studio Sofield and it reminded me of how inspiring I find Bill Sofield's work. I remember the first time I walked into the Madison avenue boutique he designed for Tom Ford and feeling completely overwhelmed by it's lush and handsome aesthetic. Every single detail from the furnishings to the hardware was designed to the Nth degree and yet there's a glamorous ease that makes you feel not only welcome but important. Obviously Tom Ford is an amazing talent, but this store proves he's standing on the broad shoulders of an equally talented Mr. Sofield. Our favorite aspect...the crocodile Lalanne desk in the foyer.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

God Is A D.J.

Imagine a (sober) male Amy Winehouse, throw in
some Stevie Wonder and cap it off with a little Grand
Master Flash and you've got Jamie Lidell. We just went
to see him at the Highline Ballroom and we're blown
. There's no doubt this British import can sing,
but that barely scratches the surface of his musical
genius. Using a computer, multiple microphones and
his own voice, Lidell would create 5 part harmonies live
on stage while the band played and then sing over his
newly created samples. It was phenomenal! (click arrow above
for a few of Lidell's songs). Before the show we
stopped by Goff and Rosenthal to check out
another amazing talent-artist Scott Hunt (image above) whose
charcoal drawings are also off the charts!
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Calling For A TIME OUT!

We'd like to take a minute and thank Time Out magazine for putting us on the cover of their newest Home Design issue. We'd especially like to the thank our dear friend Sophie Donelson for making it all happen and more importantly giving Design Therapy it's very first press coverage! We couldn't be more thrilled! If you live in the New York area, please pick up a copy and let us know what you think. We hope to have photos and a link to the article soon, but in the meantime, here's an image from one of our projects at Brad Ford I.D. And if this is your first time to Design Therapy- Welcome and make yourself at home...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Designer Wisdom.

"To an engineer, good enough means perfect. With an artist, there's no such thing as perfect." -Alexander Calder

*Opening this Thursday: Alexander Calder: The Paris Years, 1926-1933 at the Whitney Museum. In the meantime...check this out.

Little Italy.

Mark your calendars! Starting October 27th, a new exhibit will open at 172 Mercer St. here in New York entitled LIVING: The Italian House in Soho. The show will recreate 5 spaces found in a typical Italian home and use products and furnishings from 35 of the most innovative design companies in Italy, including Artemide, Kose, Slide, and XAM. The show runs through the end of December and we have a feeling this is one event that's sure to make any design enthusiast feel right at home.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Designer Fix.

We can't get enough of the incredible work being produced by the firm 1100 Architect. Founded in 1983, by partners David Piscuskas and Juergen Riehm, this New York based office has made it their mission to "create functional architecture of lasting beauty that communicates meaning while cultivating relationships". Their projects are sharply executed with an undeniable grace and elegance that we find painfully inspiring. We need more, more, MORE! (check this out!)