Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back To The Future.

Jean Royere was so far ahead of his time, some might question whether or not we've caught up to him yet. A true visionary from the mid-20th century, this important French designer combined his free spirit with a tamed elegance that caught the attention of international figures such as King Hussein of Jordan and the Shah of Iran. By combining vivid colors with organic forms and precious materials, Royere created a fresh, forward-thinking aesthetic that won him critical praise during his time. His furnishings and lighting have since become iconic in the world of design, with certain pieces being re-issued and highly sought after originals commanding extremely high dollar amounts. Click here to learn more about this incredible master of mid-century modern design.

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qerat said...

Always loved and admired his work. Never knew that our King collected his pieces!! Thanks for the post, great slideshow.

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