Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hall of Fame.

We just got back from Interior Design Magazine's Hall of Fame dinner at the Waldorf Astoria and we're pretty much speechless. Bottom line is we were totally blown away by this year's honorees which included:

-Steven Harris, Lucien Rees Roberts of Steven Harris Architects & Ress Roberts+Partner

-Gwynne Pugh and Lawrence Scarpa of Pugh + Scarpa Architects

-Takashi Sugimoto founder and president of Super Potato Co.

-Erwin Hauer

We may have to collect our thoughts before we say too much more, but one thing is certain-Cindy Allen, editor of Interior Design, completely outdid herself with this year's selection. Again-we have to process our thoughts. In the meantime-we've collected some images from each honoree that we find incredibly inspiring. Enjoy! (click on the + sign to move slides faster or click on the individual slide show to see still images.)


Ashley said...

wow! can't wait to hear more...steven harris is remarkable! will look through the rest, but his spaces are gorgeous!

congratulations to all the honorees!

K.Line said...

The Steven Harris design is elegance itself!

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