Monday, January 12, 2009

Fire Works.

We've fantasized for years of having our very own fireplace here in New York City. However living in a post war, 60's apartment complex there's not a snowball's chance in hell that will ever happen. Similarly, we often dream about a gentle crackling flame and it's soft, warm glow toasting our cheeks at our non-existent lakehouse. But unfortunately, the only thing burning right now is our latest iTunes mix and the toast in the oven. Oh the lengths we'd travel just to have a little fire in our lives. Keeping that in mind, we've been collecting resources for years of exactly what we'd have if we could have it. And with the weather turning bitterly cold this week, we thought it was the perfect time to share our Top 10 favorite modern fireplaces. Some of these are actually stoves, some are inserts and some don't even require a flue or any type of gas connection. Regardless, we think any one of them would satisfy the most "flaming" design enthusiast. Hope we've sparked your interest and that you find your match (sorry...we had to). In no particular order, here's what we consider to be the hottest designs in fireplaces for 2009 (click the + sign to move through slides more quickly):

1. Wittus Cubic 240

2. Fireorb

3. Conmoto Balance

4. Spark Fire Ribbon

5. Wittus Shaker

6. Focus Oggifocus

7. DWR Malm

8. Focus Filiofocus

9. Ecosmart

10. Rais Rondo

Lastly, we would love to hear from you. We realized just last week that we've had the wrong setting enabled for our comment feature since starting Design Therapy, making it difficult for anyone to leave a message. Please, please, please take a second and leave us a quick note. We often track our traffic and we see people visiting literally from all over the world. We're intrigued and would love to know more and hear your feedback. Thanks again for all your support and if you don't mind, please continue to share a little with all your friends!

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ashleybell said...

i adore every one of these!!! wow! i also really love the cushioned platform in front of the ecosmart fire--how comfortable does that look?! it's a great balance with some of the harder elements. thanks, brad!

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are great... Thank you Brad!

Anonymous said...

I was going to pick a favorite but I kinda love them all! I wish I could curl up in front of any one of these fires. Great post! Thanks!

ABC Dragoo said...

Hello! In the blogging world there seems to be no rules and no rule book. Glad you figured out your comments issue so that I could say I LOVE LOVE LOVE these fireplaces. Oh my goodness they are fab.

K.Line said...

I love the Fireorb. There's a restaurant I go to that has one of these and it's dreamy to look at!

Unknown said...

Moving from the South up to Wisconsin (!) where I will have a fireplace...but how, oh how, in a 100-year old arts/crafts home to keep it from looking "heavy" in an already heavy room....?

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