Sunday, March 15, 2009

Postcards From the Edgy.

Dearest Friends,
We hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. We laid low here in the city and tried to get caught up on some dreaded paperwork. We've been incredibly busy the past few months and have been working extra hard to stay on top of everything. We're certainly not complaining, but one thing's for sure, we're ready for a vacation! However, instead of flying off to some exotic far away location, we might end up just rolling our bags over to 29th and Broadway and checking into the new Ace Hotel opening at the end of this month for a mini staycation. A good friend of ours landed a job there a few weeks back and we've been counting the days until it opens ever since. Imagine if Urban Outfitters decided to take a stab at the hotel industry, and you'll get a glimpse into the idea behind this eagerly anticipated, "grunge-modern" inn. Founded in 1999 by Alex Calderwood
who, along with three friends, originally purchased a Seattle halfway house with plans to renovate it as an affordable hotel, this hip chain of hotels has only 3 other locations including the original Seattle post, one in Portland and another in Palm Springs. Taking over the former Hotel Breslin that was built in 1904, the New York Ace Hotel will feature a 150-seat restaurant brought to you by April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman of The Spotted Pig and designed by one of our favorite design firms Roman and Williams. In addition to the restaurant there will be the retro-hip barbershop Rudy's on the ground level with it's first East Coast location, all of which is certain to attract a fashionable edgy crowd. We know we can't wait to check out (and into) this bohemian-chic pad which the New York Times recently described as "The Country's Most Original New Hotel." Hope everyone's doing okay back home. The weather's been a little overcast, but we're still having an amazing time...wish you were here!
xoxo-Design Therapy!
p.s. check out photos from some of Ace's other locations below-Enjoy!

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david john said...

i love your postings!

los angeles

Anonymous said...


Kendra said...

I stay at Ace Hotel every time I'm in Portland. Love the Ace! Can't wait to check out the NYC version sometime.

Hudson Goods said...

love the vintage tub and trunk!

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