Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Our friends from Philip Johnson's Glass House just sent us this exciting message and we wanted to make sure we passed it along. Trust us...this is an incredible opportunity!

The Glass House has just released a new series of tickets that I think might be of interest you + your readers. As the 2009 season of Glass House public tour tickets is almost sold out and as a way to raise funds this year, we have launched a new Modern Friends series of donor tours that include behind-the-scenes access to the architecture and art collection you so enjoyed seeing last year. These tickets are available for a donation of $100 per person (which includes a membership to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, a 20% discount to the newly expanded Glass House shop, and Glass House Visitor Guide). On this tour, which is in a small group, visitors view the full art collection in the painting and sculpture Galleries and also visit Philip Johnson's Studio / Library. Reservations + donation can be made online at or by calling 866.811.4111. We would love to see our Modern Friends program on Design Therapy to spread the word about this fantastic program.

We've been fortunate enough to go on this tour twice now and we can assure you you will not be disappointed (click here to see a tour of our last visit). Tickets are normally almost impossible to get so make sure you call today and take advantage of this amazing offer!


Ashley said...

Do you think they meant the 2010 season is almost sold out?

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