Friday, August 7, 2009

Out Of Africa.

Another great part of working on the Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse is meeting new designers as well as working with ones you already know and consider good friends. We've known Wayne Nathan and Carol Egan of NathanEgan Interiors for years and were excited when we found out their firm was also participating in this year's house. But we got even more excited once we had an opportunity to finally see their finished room (above photos). Based on the idea of Africa meets Montauk, this bedroom was a big hit on opening night and really exemplified their fresh point of view which many consider edgy, colorful, eclecitc, modern and chic. The Nakashima headboard and Batik prints mixed with the Poul Kjaerholm chairs and kick-ass art collection proved once and for all this dynamic duo is definitely bringing sexy back to the world of interiors. We love risk-takers and taste-makers and these two no doubt fit both the bills. In fact, they were recently featured in Case and Stili, for a project they just completed uptown and we just so happen to have a few of the photos which you can see below. Hope you enjoy them. Have a fantastic weekend.


Ruth Olbrych said...

Yet another blog further enticing me to ensure a visit to the Hamptons showhouse.
Personal interest in seeing the Chinese art deco desks Kat Burki used (she bought them from me) in the dressing room. The pix look great and sure, as with the case with room you have featured here, is even more dramatic in person.
Aware of your blog from Tobi Fairley and keen to follow what looks to me to be a great blog to follow.

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