Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For The Birds.

Anyone who knows us, knows we love art, nature, and "dust cleaners!" Yep...we can't help but admire anyone who can come in and blow the dust off a historic company and make it feel fresh again (...and we've made no bones about the fact that there are a few companies out there we'd like to help out as well.) That's exactly what Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayon has done for porcelain manufacturer Lladró which was originally founded in 1953. Available in over 120 countries, Lladró figurines are made out of an original blend of hard-paste porcelain and each one leaves the factory in Spain after many hours of painstaking craftsmanship. In 2005, the company brought in Hayon as the brand's artistic advisor at which point he introduced The Fantasy Collection resulting in a new direction for Lladró. In fact, just last week Hayon introduced his newest collaboration with the porcelain manufacturer at Maison et Objet in Paris entitled The Parrots Party and we have to say the results are pretty fantastic! We'll be eager to see the rest of the collection when it gets here to New York, but in the meantime check out more photos of Hayon's installation from the Paris show here! (then click here to see what Lladró normally produces and perhaps you'll understand why this is somewhat significant).

And because we love a theme...we thought we'd play one of our favorite songs from Andrew Bird. Enjoy!

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DesignTherapy said...

Okay...are we the only ones that like the birds?

Anonymous said...

I would like to clarify that ¨THE PARROTS PARTY" is a collection designed by the internal design department of Lladró.
The first collection of the "Lladró Atelier" which is a new space for expression of the company's in-house designers - new
experiences in porcelain.
Anyway, thanks for the compliments...

DesignTherapy said...

Anon-Thanks for the clarification! It looks amazing and we can't wait to learn more about "Lladró Atelier"!

Cool Garden Things said...

Wow...I wonder if the birds are able to appreciate the sophisticated level of design going on here!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog (I read about it in the D&D email today).
The first, second and fourth posts were attractive- and then I arrived here.
Oh dear. You can't be serious.
Perhaps the beauty of Paris and Maison et Objet carried over to enhance these objects- in reality, they are deeply unattractive, frightening, even.

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