Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Impressive Houses.

We recently had the pleasure of spending time with the three architects that make up Ike Kligerman Barkley and it should come as no surprise that their personalities reflect the same characteristics that make up their award winning designs-Stylish, gracious, refined and full of captivating charm.

IKBA offers both architectural and interior design services in an established, diverse, design-oriented practice with an emphasis on residential architecture. The firm has earned numerous professional and design awards, including the New York Chapter
AIA Honor Award and they've been featured among Architectural Digest's "AD100 Designers and Architects" the past five publications.

They've just released their first book entitled
Houses and it features twenty-one projects that represent the remarkable breadth of the practice. A cottage in Michigan reveals a comprehensive investigation of craft traditions, while a Hawaiian beach retreat explores the vernacular Polynesian long-house. A sleek Manhattan loft evokes the industrial history of its neighborhood, while an oceanfront villa recalls Carlo Scarpa’s interweaving of past and present. Unusual, even unlikely combinations — an English-influenced Shingle Style house the firm terms “Shinglish,” a Virginia horse farm that draws equally on classical formality and easy rusticity — embody the firm’s sophisticated balance between historic model and modern refinement.

We attended their book signing party last week at Archivia that was so packed with their faithful fans that the crowd was literally spilling out into the street-a true testament to this talented trio. This is one handsome tome full of sharp imagery and impressive floor plans that's equal parts aspirational and inspirational. Available where fine books are sold-we highly recommend picking up a copy for your own design collection. (JB...you still need to sign our copy-BF)

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just In Time For Spring.

Our friends over at Roman Thomas have just updated their website and it's full of fantastic imagery. Click here to check it out and be prepared to be inspired.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Brothers Where Art Thou?

To say that the Campana Brothers put a little Camp into high design is somewhat of an understatement. But don't let their quirky and irreverent creations fool you. Key figures in the "design art" movement, Humberto and Fernando Campana's work is highly sought after by collectors around the world and auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Inspired and distilled from Brazil's vibrant and colorful culture, this talented duo have consistently produced "imperfect" designs that challenge the modernist hierarchy of form and function and the relationship of art and utility. We've always been huge fans of their work and were excited to get our hands on their new book Complete Works (So Far). Available where fine books are sold, this colorful tome is practically a work of art in itself. The stitched hardcover is available in three colors and features eight chapters full of rich vibrant photograpy documenting the brother's early years through some of their most recent items of furniture. We recommend you do yourself a favor and invest in this highly anticipated monograph for a good dose of inspiration and a little shot of whimsy. Something we're all in need of every now and then-especially in the design industry!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A True American Beauty.

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the book signing of Thomas O'Brien's new book entitled American Modern. The event took place here in New York at AERO, O'Brien's studio and shop, and as always the place looked unbelievable. Just like the interiors he designs, the space was beautifully curated without looking forced, elegant and handsome like the man himself, and full of interesting furnishings, accessories and lighting that kept you guessing ".... is this vintage or is this something Thomas designed?" Designer and merchant, collector and tastemaker, O’Brien is someone we've long admired ever since he opened Aero Studios back in 1992. He has made a career of translating cool notions of modernism into an easy and generous array of modern styles that anyone can attain.

Now, with the release of American Modern, he introduces readers to a range of those styles — from casual to formal, vintage to urban — alongside stunning photography by Laura Resen and charming design stories. The book is brilliantly executed with rich imagary along with enchanting detail shots and is a must have for any design enthusiast. We've known Thomas for sometime now and consider him a friend, but we were still at the front of the line ready to have our book signed by this talented and inspiring mastermind. (Perhaps we were hoping a little bit of his magic would rub off on us).

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Suite Home.

One of our favorite showrooms here in the city is SUITE New York. They have an impressive collection of furniture lines showcasing the newest and best in decorative arts and design. The project above is the home of Kris Fuchs who is the Co-Principal and Public Relations and Marketing Director for this high-end showroom and retail store. In the three years since SUITE New York’s founding, the company’s products and projects have appeared in over eighty high-profile magazines and newspapers. Kris flawlessly juggles her busy schedule as a mother of two, board member at MAD, and serious art and design collector. Her extensive collection served as an inspiration for designer Chris Kraig, whose vision for her home centered around the impression that one is entering a gallery (starting with the Donald Bachelor sculpture in the front entrance).

As an award-winning interior designer, Chris Kraig has created residential model apartments, corporate offices, lobbies, private residences and trade show installations. Kraig’s background includes the creative development of ABC Carpet and Home’s modern floor and curating group design shows at 888 Broadway. He's a member of the steering committee of Brooklyn Designs and also a contributing editor at City magazine. His work has been published in Elle Decor, House and Garden, Interior Design, New York and numerous other magazines, and has also been featured on national television.
Besides being a true talent, we also consider Chris a good friend here at DT. Hope you enjoy this remarkable project as much as we did (photos by David Mann-click on image to enlarge).

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