Monday, July 12, 2010

1st Of All...

We'd like to thank Michael Bruno and 1stdibs for asking us to be a part of their weekly Saturday Shopping series. We're huge fans of this online furniture and design resource and had more fun scouring through the various categories and selecting our favorite items currently available on the site (see above photos for a few of our selections). Secondly, we hope you'll take a minute and check out the rest of our picks as well as peruse this highly addictive virtual showroom to find some of "The Most Beautiful Things on Earth"! Happy Shopping!

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Verdigris Vie said...

Mmm - i am off to explore.

These pieces are fab..

ellen hanson designs said...

gorgeous picks!

Velvet and Linen said...

I had so much fun "shopping" with you last weekend.
Loved all your selections!


Elise Lowerison said...

I came across your post this afternoon while browsing interior design blogs and the topic of window treatment selection was very interesting to me. It is true that you must dress your windows appropriately to bring out their true beauty. Thank you for writing and as a special thanks to you and your readers, I would like to offer a 20% off coupon using this code upon checkout: BLG20.

Luciane at said...

Wow... great picks!

Some are very sexy.


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