Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We had the pleasure of attending the Kips Bay Showhouse President's Dinner a couple of weeks ago, and while the dinner itself is always a treat, we were most excited about getting a sneak preview of this year's house. The architecture of the Upper Eastside townhouse is as impressive as many of the rooms, but there was one space in particular that literally took our breath away. The "Urban Sanctuary" designed by our dear friends Jayne and Joan Michaels was absolutely sublime. We'd been talking with 2Michaels about this project from Day 1 and had looked at photos, sketches, swatches, samples, you name it – so we were eager to see the final results. When we finally walked up the stairs and entered their room we were beyond impressed. The overall design of the space is incredibly complex. It's clear that each piece of furniture was carefully and thoughtfully selected with every detail including the materials, the artwork and the millwork in mind. Yet it looks as though it was created effortlessly. The colors are absolutely mesmerizing and lend to the serene and calming spirit of the room. It truly is the ideal "urban sanctuary." We couldn't be more proud of these two, especially because we know how much hard work went into it. The New York Times obviously agrees – they included not one, but two photos of the space in last week's Home and Garden section. Something else that's exciting is you can get a behind-the-scenes video tour from the sisters along with Gilt Groupe, that shows their work on the room leading up to the opening. To learn more about that click here.

Be sure and check out the 38th Annual Kips Bay Showhouse this year. It's not only inspiring, but it also benefits a fantastic cause. The house is located at 106 East 71st Street here in New York and is open through November 11th, Monday to Saturday 11am - 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday evenings until 8pm and Sundays noon - 5pm. For more information click here.

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Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

This is definately my favorite room out of the ones I saw posted about the showcase. I could totally spend an entire day off here...

Christina @ anora grey said...

Dreamy, indeed. I adore grey + white, and the soft elements balanced with the modern, clean lines. Just perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Design Outsider said...

beautifully written and totally accurate. I've seen the Kips Bay showhouse -- 2Michaels knocked it out of the park!!

Yoli said...

This is so beautiful and relaxing, perfection.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Brad for this lovely post. It's like a beautifully wrapped present...

Luciane at HomeBunch.com said...

Very true: Dreamy indeed!

By the way, CONGRATULATIONS for being nominated one of the best 10 blogs of 2010!

What a cool treat, huh?!

Luciane, from HomeBunch.com

Anonymous said...

not a fan of this years rooms. This room was the least offensive. . yes

crashandcarry said...

That lamp in the last photo is CRAZY! I want it!!!!!!

RG _ into the studio said...

Thanks to remind me about that event! I do have to visit it soon...!

JAMES said...

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Design Elements said...

beautiful images! happy halloween!

Kitchen Improved said...

I definitely get the dreamy vibe, looks great,

123Dview said...

Lovely space! Very cozy, fresh and relaxing colors.. Everything else seems so nice and perfect! Cool post, check out 3D Rendering

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