Monday, December 20, 2010

A Few Of Our Favorite Things.

'Tis the season and before we sign off for the holidays we wanted to give you a few fun last minute gift ideas of some of our favorite things. We're wild about each one of these items and hope this will inspire you to give something special to those who are most special to you. And stay tuned because we'll be back with a few more suggestions of our favorite holiday reads this year. Enjoy!

1-Modern Quill Pens available at Jayson Home & Garden. Priced from: $28.00 to $32.00

2-Elsa Peretti Bean Box in black leather available at Tiffany & Co. Price: $110.00

3-Sword & Ax Image from one of our Favorite Design Books of the Season: The Book of Job. This limited edition book is a must have for any design enthusiast. The tome itself is a work of art and looks like a leather-bound Bible with gilded pages-gorgeous! Price: $150.00

4-Leather Phone Case available from Orvis. Price: $59.00

5-Pewter Hand Gimme Power iPhone Charger available from York Street Studio. Price: $265.00

6-Piet Hein Eek Baskets made from scrap wood by local craftsmen in Vietnam available at The Conran Shop. Priced from: $150.00 to $225.00

7-Black Military Chrono Watch available from Timex (love this watch) available from Price: 149.95

8-Moore & Giles Meehan Waxwear Rangertan Portable Bar available at Moore & Giles. Price: $740.00

9-Bonsai Forest Kit available from Uncommon Goods. Price: $50.00

10-Jonathan Adler's Hashish Candle (may be our favorite scented candle of all time). Available at Jonathan Adler. Price: $68.00

11-Dolle's Salt Water Taffy Caramel Corn. Made fresh in Delaware-Trust us...this is beyond! Available at Dolle's. Priced from: $5.00 to $69.99.

12-Twin Shadow's CD Forget. One of our favorite albums this year. We especially like the song Slow (check out the video above-and don't worry about the NSFW's fine!). Available on itunes or Amazon. Price: 8.99

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Surprise Surprise.

We had a rather hectic fall season and at one point over the past few months (we can't remember exactly when) we got an e-mail from Canadian House & Home asking us for permission to use one of our photos for an upcoming issue.  We quickly said yes, but didn't ask any follow-up questions and continued on about our business.  Well fast forward several weeks and imagine our surprise this evening when we went to the mailbox and pulled out the magazine's January issue, only to find our project on the cover!  We literally had no idea, but obviously we're pleased as punch!  The accompanying article is titled Top Trends of 2011 and our project represents The New Modern: Soft & Layered. Thank you to the crew up at Canadian H&H...we can't tell you how much we appreciate all your support! And boy do you guys know how to keep a good secret.  Be sure and pick up a copy to learn's a terrific issue! (Photo courtesy of Patrick Cline).

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Shine On.

Deemed “The Original Architect's Lamp” Lampe Gras is a perfect example of beauty and function in an exquisitely made piece of functional art. In 1921, an engineer by the name of Bernard Albin Gras designed a series of lamps for use in offices and industrial locations. Held together without screws or welded joints, the Lampe Gras became the darling of not only architects but also of those with an eye for interior design.

It was the favorite of such notables as Le Corbusier, the ‘godfather of modern architecture’, who dubbed the lamp ‘type-object’, meaning it was an ‘object reduced to its pure function’. Production stopped at the outbreak of World War II and only now, after more than of a year of experimentation, they are once again being made by hand, in France and sold exclusively to consumers through Holly Hunt. We also think they're very reasonable...prices range from $425 to $995. To learn more click here!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

For The Birds.

We hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving. We had a nice relaxing visit down south and it was good to unwind for a bit and go "off-line". One thing we discovered while we were away was the website for artist/photographer Paul Octavious. We don't know that much about him, other than he currently lives in Chicago, but we're crazy about his work and his eye. In particular, we were drawn to these photos of birds he took while visiting the Yale Peabody museum. The birds themselves are rather handsome, but we find the colors in the images to be sublime and quite inspiring. Be sure though and check out his website, because not only is Paul a great lensman, he's a terrific storyteller who uses few words and instead depends mainly on his own photographs. This guy is incredibly clever and a huge talent...hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.

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