Monday, February 21, 2011

Avec Amour.

We've always been big fans of interior designer Chahan Minassian so we were delighted to see his work featured in a new book entitled Parisian Interiors: Bold, Elegant, Refined. Born in Lebanon, into an Armenian family, Minassian arrived in France in 1976. After studying interior design in Paris, he began working at Ralph Lauren where for seven years he was the creative director for their European division. In 1993, he created his own interior design firm, Chahan Interior Design, rapidly attracting commissions in the United States, Canada, and Japan, as well as in Europe.

In addition to Minassian's project, this handsome book also lets you peek into 19 more of the city's most original interiors. Captured in lush and vivid photographs, these private dwellings offer readers access into the homes of some of the city's most fascinating inhabitants-Lenny Kravitz, Roberto Bergero, Yves and Victor Gastou, Jacques Garcia, Pierre Yovanovitch, to name a few-to provide a wealth of inspiration for the home. Available where fine books are sold, this is definitely one tome worth adding to your design library. (Photographer: Rene Stoeltie)

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let The Sunshine In!

We attended a small luncheon this afternoon with Architectural Digest's new Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell and were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the March 2011 issue, the first issue that's completely her own vision. The bottom line .... it's beautiful. The magazine should be arriving in mailboxes soon and will appear on newsstands as early as next week. But until then, we'll give you some insight on what you can expect.

The first thing we noticed and appreciated was the plethora of natural sunlight in almost every photo. Each featured project feels alive and fresh. Gone are the days of feeling like you're on the outside looking in. Instead you'll see stories that are intimate, engaging and full of personality. The other aspect we find truly commendable is that the magazine doesn't feel completely transformed, yet it's obvious there's been a real evolution under Margaret's direction. You can sense she respects the DNA of the magazine Paige Rense nurtured by keeping it familiar, while quietly putting her own thumbprint on it. There's a terrific cross-section of talent featured, insightful articles and for the first time a listing of sources in the back. There's no doubt Margaret is gifted and has an incredible eye but this stylish issue proves she's just getting started. We couldn't help but notice that she seemed to have a renewed spirit and passion with this new venture and is quite enthusiastic about what the future holds for AD, especially with it's potential digital capabilities. Margaret is an unbelievably hard worker and we think she's done a phenomenal job with this issue. But she was quick to point out that she couldn't have pulled it off without her dedicated staff who she calls her dream team (she's hired 30 new editors in the past 3 months).

Thank you and congratulations again to Margaret and everyone at the magazine. We left today feeling truly inspired and looking forward to future issues. In the meantime, here's a list of a few people you can expect to see in the March 2011 Issue:

Michael Smith (Cover boy!)
Richard Keith Langham
Daphne Guinness
Commune (Love these guys...)
Donna Karan
Pierre Passebon (Jacques Grange's partner)
Sheryl Crow
Muriel Brandolini (Amazing space...)

To read more about Margaret Russell and her new role as Editor-in-Chief, be sure and check this out. Enjoy! (Above cover photographed by Pieter Estersohn)

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wabi Inspirations.

We've always been inspired by Axel Vervoordt's work and have also been intrigued with the principles of Wabi Sabi for some time. So you can imagine how excited we were to learn that a new book entitled Wabi Inspirations has been published with Vervoordt sharing his personal take on the guiding principles of Wabi, a concept developed in the twelfth century that advocates simplicity, and authenticity and values the beauty in imperfection. Together with Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki, Vervoordt carries out these beliefs into his remarkable interiors.

Through evocative photographs from places such as Japan, Korea, Belgium and Switzerland, readers are shown the elements that inspire him most: natural materials, the patina of time-worn spaces, natural wood, earthenware pottery, rough hewn stone floors, which in their purity and simplicity evoke the essence of Wabi. This is an incredibly handsome book and is so artfully designed from the rich, large format photos down to the actual paper stock. Available where fine books are sold, we highly recommend this for any design enthusiast who appreciates beauty and the elements of nature. (Photos by Laziz Hamani)

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