Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Report-Dealer's Choice.

It's been feeling a lot like "back to school" for us recently, but our reading list this fall has us buzzing and feeling rather inspired. And with copious amounts of design books headed our way in the coming months, we thought we'd share some of our favorites over the next few weeks. First up is a book that was actually published over the summer, yet one of the most impressive design tomes to come our way in quite some time. Dealer's Choice gives us an inside look at the homes of some of our industry's top trendsetters – the dealers of antiques and vintage furnishings. With text by our dear friend, the talented and handsome Craig Kellogg and a foreword by Michael Bruno of 1stdibs, the book showcases 32 houses, apartments, lofts and even a castle of dealers specializing in mid-century modernist furniture and objects, antique European decorative works, and antiquities. With homes from Blackman Cruz, J.F. Chen, Cristina Grajales, Jourdan Antiques (above photos) and Patrick Seguin (photos below) to name a few, the book is loaded with rich, colorful photography and gives an intimate look into the lives of the various occupants. This along with Kellogg's writing creates a vivid story that celebrates some of our industry's most trusted resources. We consider this book a must have for any design enthusiast and highly recommend you add this to your design library. We definitely give this one an A++.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back to Black.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we're coming out of a very busy but quite productive period with design projects. It wasn't until Labor Day weekend that we were able to really come up for air, and now we're having a hard time letting go of summer. She seemed to have slipped right past us when we weren't looking. But this last weekend got us wound up again on the blog front when we headed up to Kingston, New York for a studio tour of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co.

We first discovered BCMT last November and have been following them closely ever since. Founded by Joshua Vogel, one of the original co-founders of NYC based furniture company BDDW, this impressive workshop is producing one of a kind, sculptural woodturnings, pieces of limited edition furniture and meaningful small products. The works are absolutely stunning and we finally got our hands on one of their pieces a few weeks ago (in fact...see the "cross" piece in the first photo...that's a limited edition puzzle and it's OURS!)

We had a great day driving around Kingston and then getting a chance to visit with Josh and his lovely girlfriend Kelly. They were such gracious hosts and we left their shop feeling incredibly inspired and excited about incorporating their work into our projects. And if that weren't enough, this morning our inbox had the most beautifully done short film featuring Josh talking about his craft. Produced by The Scout (great resource if you don't know about them), the film is both artful and insightful and a definite must-see. You should check it out below and then when you have a minute, take a look at the new Anthology Magazine to see Josh and Kelly's charming house. Keep your eye on these two...they're doing big things when it comes to the art of woodworking!

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